Sue AnderBois

Why are Brown students leading the opposition to their university’s tax deal with Providence?

BY: - September 29, 2023

Niyanta Nepal arrived at Brown University eager to join what she believed was a “liberal, socially-conscious institution.” That excitement quickly waned. One turning point weeks into her freshman year came during a meeting of the Students for Educational Equity (SEE), in which a fellow student and club leader shared a shocking fact: Brown does not […]

Providence City Council starts vetting proposed PILOT agreements with higher eds

BY: - September 13, 2023

PROVIDENCE — City Council members have many questions about proposed deals unveiled last week by Mayor Brett Smiley in which Brown University and three other tax-exempt higher education institutions would voluntarily pay the city a combined total of $223.4 million over the next 20 years. But they weren’t satisfied by the answers they received from […]